The Art of Aliveness

Learning Boundaries in Helping Professions

Episode Summary

In this powerful episode, I interview Rachel Dougherty, aka "The Grounded Therapist." We jam out about a super important subject right now: BOUNDARIES Some of the things we begin to cover: * What a boundary is * Why they can be hard to set * How to begin uncovering where your boundaries are * The consequences of not setting them * The vast benefits of honoring them * The importance of setting them in business Tun in and let us know what shows up for you along the way! We'd love to hear what ELSE you'd like to know about boundaries moving forward.

Episode Notes

Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and 200 hour yoga teacher. She specializes in helping women manage and move beyond imposter syndrome and realize their power and self-worth through science backed strategies to improve mental AND physical strength. 


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